Friday, November 26, 2010

Predictive Programming found in Illuminati RPG book?

Keep in mind that this book was published on 1/1/1996.

The above picture is reminiscent of Lady Gaga, Keisha, and Brittney Spears in their various poses and states of drug induced programming... Especially striking is the suited handlers in the background.

The Will Khooper pic is obviously a reference to Bill Cooper (author of Behold a Pale Horse and Shortwave Radio Conspiracy Host)
The airplane pic seems to foreshadow 9/11... airplanes being used as weapons against buildings with heavy civilian concentration or significance
The above pic appears to illustrate a hijacker on a airplane brandishing a knife, with a Man in Black/Handler sitting calmly in a nearby row.
This pic of building on a page about Corporations recalls to mind images of the Twin Towers burning

The two pics below are what originally caught my eye. Notice the sequence of numbers when the image is flipped upside down. 9 11. When viewed correctly it is 6 11.

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