Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"We Are Change member Craig Fitzgerald admits to being a part of the centuries old secretive order. Approximately seven minutes into the film, Fitzgerald brags about being a member of the secretive group "


If I was in any sort of patriotic group or protest movement, I would not knowingly allow Masons into my group. I am a believer in free will and liberty, so if you want to join satanic cults or eat dirt or join the Masons you are free to do that... but don't expect to partake in a secret weird society and also join groups which staunchly defend principles of decent moral goodness, the Constitution, and the exposure of secretive groups such as the Federal Reserve, New World Order, Bilderberg Group, CFR, etc...

Before we were so dumbed down by Television and Poisoned Fluoride Water, Americans boldly stood against secret societies and called a spade a spade..

The Anti-Masonic Party was formed in upstate New York in 1828.

"Some people feared the Freemasons, believing they were a powerful secret society that was trying to rule the country in defiance of republican principles. These opponents came together to form a political party after the Morgan affair convinced them the Masons were murdering their opponents. This key episode was the mysterious disappearance, in 1826, of William Morgan (1774-1826?), a Freemason of Batavia, New York, who had become dissatisfied with his lodge and intended to publish a book detailing the secrets of the freemasons. When his intentions became known to the lodge, an attempt was made to burn down the publishing house. Finally in September 1826 Morgan was arrested on charges of petty larceny. Someone paid his debt and upon his release he was seized by parties and taken to Fort Niagara, after which he disappeared.[2]"


"Over the past few weeks there have been many rumours that have hit the mills regarding WeAreChange NYC. As a group, we chose to ignore each story as it came out, refusing to add fuel to the fires. We understand the complexities in these stories and will begin to address them before they become out of hand, which has begun to happen.

One of our members is under fire due to his affiliations with Freemasonry. Craig Fitzgerald is a Freemason, home lodge 285 in NYC.
We do understand the questions and concerns many may have of a figure like Craig within the truth movement being involved in Freemasonry. It has been a topic of conversation among WeAreChange NYC members at meetings, with many different view points addressed.

As a group that preserves the rights of the Constitution we believe our members are allowed to choose the activities that suit them in their personal life. Craig has shown dedication and courage in his efforts of helping WeAreChange, educating the public on the atrocities of the New World Order. He has showed no signs of Freemasonry interfering with the quality and sincerity of his work for WeAreChange. Craig Fitzgerald is a true patriot, who is open about his affiliations with Freemasonry.

As a group, WeAreChange is filled with members of many different backgrounds, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Rastafarian, Anarchists, Conservatives, Liberals, Atheists, Teachers, Veterans, Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterns, African Americans, and now a Freemason.

We do have concerns about Freemasonry and it’s ties to global governance and the agenda of the New World Order but we do understand that not all Freemasons are involved in conspiracy and elitist games, since there are many different levels. If you have any questions regarding Craig Fitzgerald, Freemasonry and WeAreChange NYC you can contact WeAre Change facebook page or Craig Fitzgerald facebook page.
Unlike Freemasonry we conduct no business in secret.

WeAreChange NYC has decided to make the following statement:
Based on the guidelines of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, our mission statement, and our code of conduct, WeAreChange NYC neither officially endorses nor condemns Freemasonry or any other mystical, spiritual, or occult society or organization, unless the organization in question is using secrecy for the explicit purposes of carrying forward a tyrannical, oppressive, or corrupt agenda, e.g. globalization, eugenics, centralization of government, etc.
This neutral position allows all sides of the secret society dialogue to speak and be heard. Members of WeAreChange can choose to openly denounce or defend any particular group. WeAreChange is and always has been dedicated to the Truth, and our commitment to the Truth will not allow us to censor any member’s perspective.

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