Friday, June 11, 2010

Minority Report (Ultimate Illuminati Movie)

Minority Report

Released 2002

Pre Crime Cops have: sick sticks- one touch= projectile vomiting
A green triangle on the back of their uniform
A crown that places the 'criminal' in a stupor or dream like state

The movie is full of black/white symbolism, red and black (colors of communism)

The idea of pre-crime ties in with the Enemy Belligerent Act/Patriot Act

Remote Viewing is an alleged psychic ability of some individuals.. in MKultra experiments and autobiographies written by abuse victims of the Illuminati...they claim experiments like these occur in order to obtain or train individuals with such abilities

Mass Deception (no murder due to the Pre Crime Unit, yet the Elite continue to murder)

Iris Scanners (already in use in some areas)

Targeted Advertising/Product Advertising (droid phones can scan items, act as coupons, take a picture of an object and it will 'find it' through the google search engine...a magazine had the first 3D virtual advertisement a year ago or so)

A flash of a lady with a green third eye

The bar code with a suggestive phrase related to a Pepsi Ad

Common People are shown as dumb and simpletons...they are scanned by spiderrobots, terrorized by the Pre Crime Cops and do not resist.

The use of the touch screen to expand and move images (now used by Mainstream Media News Broadcasters and featured on some computers)

Society portrayed as being addicted to virtual reality

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